Listing of Encounters: Defined as a meeting, especially one that is unplanned, unexpected, or brief.

2 UFOs Travelling Together

2 Women Encounter Alien Entities

2 Women Meet a Visitor

3 Entities in Sczecinek

3 Strange Little People

3 UFOs Escort a Mexican Piper PA-24

5 Naked Men Dancing

5 Strange Looking Entities Abduct Young Man

12 Year Old's Encounter

20 Nights of Stalking

1996 Fife Incident

A Dashing Shadow

Abducted In Lehi

Abduction & Encounters in Lower Silesia

Abduction with Missing Time in Wales

Abduction in Cours Les Barre

Abitibi Lake Encounter

After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying Encounter

Air Force Bomber Encounter’s Disks

Airline Encounters

Airliner Had Narrow Miss With UFO

Airline Pilot Sees Object Over LakeMichigan

Alien Abduction in Tuscany

Alien Craft Encounter Over Ft Monmouth New Jersey

Alien Encounter at Varese

Alien Encounter at Varese, Italy

Alien Encounter in Oran

Alien Encounter Of Jonathan Reed

Alien Entity Shot By Hunter

Alien Killed With a Coal Shovel

Alien UFO Stops for Repairs in Sasketchwan, Canada

Aliens are Everywhere

Alors Incident

Alsworth AFB Encounter

Artifact Found After Encounter

Assorted Sightings

Assorted UFO Events

UFO Attack On Fort Itaipu

Awoken by a Glowing Green Figure

Bagshot Heath Encounter

Being Spotted On Naval Air Station

Bent Headlight Beams

Beyond Supernatural

Big Headed Being

Binbrook RAF Incedent

Bizarre UFO Encounter

Blue Cloud Like Sphere

Black Eyed Girl at Our Mall

Black Eyed Girl With Dog

Black Eyed Kids in Mexico II

Black Flash

Blonde Alien Tells Secrets

Bougainville Reef Case

Bowles & Pratt Encounter

Brazilian Air Force Pilot Checks Out UFO

Brian Scott Case

Buck Nelson Encounter

Bykavorov Encounter

Camaldoli Encounter

Canadian Naval Officer Has Close Encounter In Hawaiian Waters

Cao Bang Hydroelectric Project

Carlos & Anita Jimenez

Carlos Diaz Story

Carp (Guardian) Incident

Cash - Landrum Encounter

Castelfranco Encounter

Cecil M. Tenny Encounter

Cennina Landing and Encounter with Humanoids

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Choisy Le Roi Alien Encounter

Clarita Villanueva Encounter

Close Encounter In Connecticut

Close Encounter In New York

Close Encounter In Wayne, New Jersey

Close Encounter Of Cussac

Close Encounter of the Third Kind in mid 1980s

Close Encounter of the 5th Kind

Close Encounters Of The 5th Kind

Close Encounter Over Niagara Falls

Close Encounter Near Leeds

Coast Guard Encounters UFOs

Colares Island UFO Encounter

Cold To The Touch

Commercial Plane Follows UFO

Contact In Eastern Europe

Contact Near Vancouver

Contacted By A Grey II

Couple Abducted In Brazil

Copely Woods Encounter

Copley Woods

Coyne Helicopter Incident

Cpl. Armando Valdes 5 Day Saga

Craft And Tall Being Observed

Daylight Encounter with an Unusual Being

Decatur CE-II Sighting

Deep Creek Wildman

Del Rio UFO Crash

Detailed Alien Craft Encounter

Discovery Well Abduction

Disk Shaped Alien Craft Encounter

Disturbing Sightings

Dover Devil

Dr. Kary Mullis's Encounter

Dyatlov Pass Incident

Eagle River Close Encounter

Early Bournbrook Encounter

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Edinburgh Close Encounter

Edinburgh Encounter

Edwards AFB

Eisenhower's 'Close Encounter' at Holloman AFB

Electrician Alleges UFO Abduction

Elizabeth Klarer Contacts

Ellsworth AFB UFO

Emilcin Case

Encounter and Possible Abduction In West Orange, NJ

Encounter At Beverly

Encounter at Cold Blow

Encounter at Lake Augustin

Encounter at Saltwood

Encounter at Saint-Jean-du-Gard

Encounter At Westall High School

Encounter During Family Picnic

Encounter During Hunting Trip

Encounter During Recess

Encounter in Alabama

Encounter Near Amfreville la mi-Voie

Encounter Revealed After Almost 40 Years

Encounter That Was Only The Beginning

Encounter Under Staffordshire

Encounter with Aliens

Encounter with Possible Alien Contact

Entities Collecting Samples

Entity in Bedroom

Entre Rios, Argentina Encounter

Erba, Como Encounter

Everglades Encounter

Face to Face Contact

Family UFO Encounter in Australia

Farmers Close Encounter

Fatal UFO/Aircraft Encounter

Felixstowe Fire Demon

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Filiberto Cardenas Encounter & Abduction

Filiberto Caponi Encounter

First MIB Report?

Five Entities Observed

Florida Scoutmaster Encounter

Fly Me To...

Flying Man

Fontainebleau Encounter

Former Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft Encounters

Frank Nichols Airship Encounter

Gerena Humanoid Encounter

Gisborne Close Encounter

Glasgow Alien Encounter

Glastonbury Close Encounter

Glowing Giant

Goose Bay UFO Incident

Gösta Carlsson Encounter

Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base

Grey Entities Sighted On Numerous Occasions On Same Farm Since The 1850's

High Bentham Incident

Hillsdale UFO Incident

Hopeh Incident

Horrifying Alien Abduction Of Corina Saebels

Howard Menger & Connie Baxter Weber

Humanoid Hide and Seek

Humanoid Sighting in Baracaldo

Humanoids With Glowing Belts

I Remember We Weren't Scared

Illuminated Creature

In Comes Cold

Invited Aboard and Healed

Isidoro Ferri Encounter

It Called To Me...And I Answered

Incident At Fort Benning GA

Incident At Jacko Lake

Irish Police Helicopter Encounter

Isle of Wight Encounter

Japanese Airline Encounters UFO Over Alaska

Jardim Alvorada Affair

Jared Lee Encounter

Jersey Devil

Jim Sparks Remembers

Jimmy Carter UFO Incident

Joplin Missouri UFO

Katsuragi Mountain, Japan Encounter

Kera, Japan UFO Encounters

Kinross Incident

Kirtland AFB Encounter

Klondike Highway UFO Encounter

Lake Elmo UFO Encounter

Large Man Like Figure

Leicester Close Encounter

Li Jing-yang

Lightning Ridge UFO Incident

Lisa Tenney Abductions

Little People in St. Teath

Loch Raven Dam Incident

Look Ma! No Hands

Lonnie Zamora Incident

Loring AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion

Luumäki Encounter

Lydia Nikolayevna Smirnova Encounter

Lyndia Morel Encounter

Mailman Encounters MIB

Maitland Encounter

Major Air Force Encounter With A UFO In Alaska

Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident

Man has Close Encounter With UFO

Man In Beige

Man In Grey

Man On My Couch

Man Sees UFO With Entities

Manises UFO Incident

Mantell UFO Encounter

Marcia Burke Encounter

Marseilles, France Sightings

Maui UFO Report

Maureen Puddy's Unusual Close Encounter

McChord UFO Incident

Melinda's Abduction

Men in Black in Government?

Men Terrified by Object Inside A Smoke Ring

Mermaid Found on Noirmontier Island

Mexican Air Force Pilots Film 11 UFOs

MIB/WIB Encounters

MIBs Contact Radio Personality

MIBs in Japan

Milakovic Encounter

Military Base Encounter

Missing Parent & Encounter

Missing Time In British Columbia

Mr.Bad Thing Comes to the Ozarks

Mom's Encounter

Montford Bridge UFO Incident On The A5

Moreland Encounter

Most Beautiful Experience

Mothman Legend

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Ms. Brown's Alien Interactions

Multi Colored UFO Paces Family in Temuka, New Zealand

Muroc AFB

Muscarello Incident (at Exeter)

Mysterious and Deadly Barroso Incident

Mystery Over the Highway

Naval Aviators Encounter UFO

Nejdet Boyanay's Long Term Relationship With An Alien

New Brunswick Encounter

New Jersey Close Encounter

Norwood Searchlight UFO Incident

Nuclear Plant UFO Encounter

Nyons Sighting/Encounter

Objects Follow An Air Force Rocket After Launch

Occupant Case in Tucson

One Night On Poca River

One, Two and Three

One Week Visit by Huge Saucer Over Korea At The 38th Parallel

Oz Park Mothman

Paintsville Kentucky UFO Train Collision

Palettes Close Encounter

Patrol Boat PCF-12 Destroyed

Patrolman Encounters UFO

Phear Park Bowling Green Apparition

Philosopher Sees UFO In Himalayas

Phobos II Incident

Physical Alien Encounter In Shrewsbury

Pilot Encountered an Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Pilot Fires on UFO in Only Documented Case

Playa Del Rey Encounter

Poachers Close Encounter

Police Helicopter & UFO Have Dogfight Over Kentucky

Possible Encounter in Chatillon

Pregnant Woman Encounters Insectoids

Pima Arizona Close Encounter

Prospect Heights Encounter

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

RAF Tornado Encounters UFO

Railbach Encounter

RB-47 UFO Encounter

Red Bluff Incident

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Remedios Encounter

Riley Martin Encounter

Rimini Encounter

Roaring River UFO Encounter

Robert Matthews Missing Time

Robert McAllister Incident

Roestenberg Sighting

Royals & UFOs

Rumworth Lodge Incident

Running Pregnant Woman

Russian Version Of Violent ET Encounter from KGB

Russian Youth Meets Aliens

Salter Encounter

San Pietro a Vico Encounter

Sayama Alien Encounter

Sea Fury Incident

Second Shadow Person Encounter

Security Guard Sees Oval UFO

Shag Harbor Encounter

Sherrys Encounters

Short BEK Encounters

Sid Padrick Contact Case

Sighting at Chimney Rock

Silbury Hill Case

Silvertown Korea Entity Encounter

Skiers Encounter Humanoid

Small Fleet Of UFOs

Soldier Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort Rucker

Some Utahns Claim their Encounters with Extraterrestrials are Too Close for Comfort

Soldiers Close Encounter In Cyprus

Soldiers Shoot at Unknown Entity

Space Baby

Spanish Airspace (Radar) Visual

Spanish Soldiers Shoot At Entity

Spook Of Diamond Island

Spooked By A Young Girl

Spring Heeled Jack

St. George Multiple Witnesses Sighting

St. Petersburg Incident

Steep Rock Lake Encounter

Stephen Michalak Encounter

Strange Disappearance Of Granger Taylor

Strange Magazine Salesman

Striking Of The HMAS Hobart

Struck By Light Beam In Oulu

Student Pilot and Instructor Spot UFO

Suzanne Brown

Tailor Taken Aboard UFO

Tehran UFO Incident

There's No Reason to Fear Them

There They are Again!

They Came From The North Pole

They Came Into My Room

Tipperary MIB Encounter

Topeka Visitation Incident

Torres UFO Incident

Triangle Craft at Distance

Truck Drivers Amazing Alien Encounter

Trumbull County UFO Incident

Truman Bethurum Encounter

Twin UFO Reports In Massachusetts

Two Commercial Pilots Had a Close Encounter With A Possible UFO Over Arizona

Udo Wartena Contact Case

UFO Encounter at Little Fox Lake

UFO Encounter From 18th Century France

UFO Experience

UFO Hovered Near Missile Launch Control Center

UFO Landing In West Pittsburg

UFO Landing Navajo Nation, AZ

UFO Seen From US Navy Ship

UFO Shoots Beam at 4 Boys

UFO On Collision Course With Private Plane

UFO Vanishes

UFOs During The Vietnam War

UK School Teacher Observes UFO

USO Observations in Norway

USO Tracked Off Of Norway Coast

USS Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt

USS Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO At Sea

USS Williamson Encounter

Val Johnson UFO Incident

Valensole UFO Encounter

Valiant Thor

Varginha UFO Incident

Various Encounters Through My Life

Very Close Encounter With C&O Train

Veteran Pilot Encounters UFO With Portholes

Viet Cong Attacked

Villa Santina Case

Warning! Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Terrified

Warren Air Force Base Incident

Wart Humanoid Encounter

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

Washington D.C. UFO Incident

Watchmen Encounters Enormous Green Creature

Weird Flying Humanoid Encounter

Welsh Roswell Incident

West Freugh Incident

Winchester Woman

William Bosak Encounter

Willow Grove Close Encounter

Woman And Niece Observe Entities

Women in Black

Yellow Boots

Young Boys Brief Encounter

Zanfretta Alien Abductions

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