Things we have found on the internet that are absolutely unbelievable, even for the 2 of us.

Amys Reptilian Encounter...Subsequent Rape

Apiarist Finds Himself Aboard A UFO

Carp UFO Crash

City Found 360' Below Missouri City


Entity Wants Couples Dog

Evidence of Nevada UFO

F-86 Intercepts and Shoots At Saucer Shaped UFO

Gisborne Close Encounter

Jack & Jill

Jordanow Mystery

Local Family Sees UFO

Margaret Brock Lighthouse Photographs

Mermaid found on Noirmontier Island

Out of Body Experience

Pawtucket Sighting and Abduction

Randy Cramer, aka Captain Kaye Tells His Story

Runcorn Abduction

Military Jets Escort UFO To Secret Base

Mt. Adams Has A UFO Hangar Door?

Mysterious Reappearance Of Flight 513

Running Pregnant Woman

Spacemen On The Ground

Submerged Light Under Aircraft Carrier

Unarmed Training Mission

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