Orbs Are Everywhere

Orbs Are Everywhere

Date: Summer 2015

Location: Stampede Pass, WA

Hi there, my name is John I was on a camping trip with a friend of mine recently in Stampede pass Washington.

We were camping on the side of a highly remote mountain when we decided to go for a little night hike to view some stars.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we laid down and stargazed for what seemed like 30 minutes, as when I looked at the time it was 2:30 a.m.

We noticed one of the stars we were viewing just up and took off which was quite odd to my companion and I.

Then to our surprise an extremely large red/orange object lit up the sky in front of us.

The orb was above the mountain peaks but hovering quite low for how large it seemed.

I took out my iPhone and snapped a few photos before my phone died randomly.

We were so frightened by this massive hovering light that we retreated to our campsite and had a very sleepless night, thinking we were about to be abducted by some horrible alien craft.

This was probably the most scared Iíve ever been in the woods as I regularly camp, hunt, fish, and do other recreation in the far reaches of the wilderness.

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