First MIB Report?

First MIB Report?

May 21, 1909

Location: North Killingholm, Lincolnshire, England

A strange story was told by the Yorkshire Post, Grimsby correspondent by workmen from Killingholm near Immingham new dock works recently.

They declared that they were seated at noon on the roadside at Killingholm, when a large motor car drove up and two men alighted who walked to the bank on which the workmen were seated and asked if any airships had been recently seen near.

The workmen replied:


Whereupon the motorists asked the distance between Killingholm and Spurn, and whether any mines were laid in the humber, which is a large tidal estuary on the east coast of Northern England, between the two places.

The workmen referred their interrogators to the Coast Guardsman, saying he would be able to answer them.

It does not matter, replied the motorists, and, after enquiring the way to the nearest refreshment house, they jumped into their car and drove quickly away.

It must be remembered that this area was the scene of UFO reports at this time.

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