Russian Version Of Violent ET Encounter From KGB

Russian Version Of Violent ET Encounter From KGB

Date: January 11,1985

Location: Northern Siberia, Russia

On the early morning hours a radar stations in northern Siberia registered 2 unknown flying objects coming into the Soviet Union.

Both radar objects flew at great speeds, registered at 1,250 mph.

Soviet Air Defense Systems launched 4 interceptor airplanes to identify the objects.

Strategic Forces Chief of Staff was notified.

It was difficult to track these radar objects.

They were flying so fast, or at great speeds, the interceptors could not catch or track, the objects.

A Soviet General, who was in charge of air defenses for the northern sector, Siberia, claimed the objects were missiles because of the great speeds they were traveling at in our country.

The General alerted all interior defense sectors, the Soviet Union had a perimeter of air defense, from the exterior frontier to the interior.

The Interior radar sites could not track the objects because they were traveling too fast.

Border guards and the Chief Directorate sent controlled messages updating GURVO.

They would be on the radar for just a few seconds, compared to a regular flying aircraft that would appear for minutes.

The General also said the objects were flying erratically.

The objects were flying from a high altitude to a lower altitude within just a few seconds.

No normal airplane could fly like that.

This worried many Soviet Command Staff personnel.

Soviet radar lost track of the objects in the central part of the country.

A brief radar contact was observed North of Bratsk.

Sometime around noon on January 11, Soviet Internal Police reported residents of Zhmurova reported a strange object in a collective farm field.

Police arrived in Zhmurova from Cheremkhova and Kyuta.

2 police officers drove to the object.

They observed a second object flying directly above the grounded object.

The officers tried to radio their command center in Cheremkhova, but their radio did not work.

The police officers did not see any occupants from the object.

The officers drove away and their radio was functional.

About 15 minutes later, the object flew away from Zhmurova.

The officers notified the Soviet Military Base in Cheremkhova and warned them of the objects flying East.

A military helicopter flew from Cheremkhova West towards Zhmurova.

The 2 pilots later reported seeing the unknown/unidentified objects East at a higher altitude and at a great speed.

The objects flew directly towards a missile site.

Soviet Military Command Central notified the missile base and warned them of the intruding flying objects.

GUCOS, ICBM Chief Directorate Chief, was sent an urgent controlled message.

The missile base went on high alert, priority alert, in Russian.

Military guards watched both objects approach the missile base.

One of the objects flew very low over the base.

Military guards fired antiaircraft guns at the approaching object.

The shells struck the enemy object, but was absorbed or passed directly through the object.

The craft glowed a blue/green color and then landed.

Military guards surrounded the object.

Personnel from the second Chief Directorate in conjunction with GRU-MRVD, responded.

The object opened a door and a bright light appeared in the doorway.

5 occupants walked out of this light and onto the ground.

Military guards ordered the occupants to lie down.

The order was given in Russian.

The 5 occupants did nothing and stood together.

One of the military commanders gave instructions in English, but the occupants still did nothing.

One of the occupants walked towards the military guards.

Another military guard fired a rifle and hit the occupant in the chest.

The occupant fell to the ground.

The other 4 occupants walked to the fallen occupant and just sat on the ground.

The guards surrounded the 5 occupants and pushed them, with their rifles in a gesture towards a military vehicle.

The occupants carried their fallen comrade to the vehicle.

The occupants were driven to a confinement facility in Cheremkhova briefly.

They were transferred to a bigger vehicle and taken to a military compound in Irkutsk.

The Military Intelligence/Interrogation building within the Irkutsk Military Command Central was used.

Military officials attempted to interrogate the four occupants.

Many different languages were used:

English, Spanish, German, but the occupants never acknowledged any language.

The injured occupant received first aid by a Soviet military doctor.

The doctor told the commander in charge that the injured occupant was not human.

The injured occupant's blood was thick white fluid.

The internal organs of the occupant was different than humans.

The occupants were radiographed/X-rayed.

The occupants were described as being approximately 4' in height and weighed approximately 220#.

They had no ears, no thumbs, small horizontal openings for mouths and no hair.

They were wearing identical one piece flying suits, gray in color.

Eventually, the injured occupant stood up and walked to the other occupants.

The injured occupant seemed healed.

The occupants had no weapons or other equipment on their persons/bodies.

GRU officials arrived and took over the interrogation.

One KGB official was on scene with the GRU.

Commander, GRU-CMRD received a controlled urgent message updating the status of the occupants and craft.

Military officials examined the occupants' craft.

It appeared the craft was not made from any technology known to the military officials examining the craft.

The interior of the craft was very small.

Only small Soviet military officials could enter.

No instrument panels or navigation controls were observed.

There was one display panel which appeared to be similar to a television screen.

Small hand indentations were located on the display panels.

The occupants were transferred from Irkutsk by a Soviet military plane to Moscow.

The occupants craft was loaded onto a large truck and driven to Irkutsk.

The occupants arrived to a location South of Moscow and detained inside a confinement center.

They were given water and Russian black bread & soup, which they did not eat or drink.

Several interrogation sessions occurred with the occupants by KGB and Soviet military linguists from the Second Chief Directorate, and the KGB language school were present, but the occupants never spoke nor communicated.

On January 14 1985, in the early morning hours, all 5 occupants escaped from their cells.

A large search was initiated, but the occupants were never found.

The captured craft was stored in a hanger at a military base.

Later the same day, the craft flew out of the hanger, destroying the hanger door with a bluish beam of light.

This was the end of the incident.

This incident became very secretive within the KGB/GRU.

Many senior officials within the Kremlin were worried.

But it seemed that the Kremlin knew something about these crafts.

Senior officials were not surprised, but only concerned about the successful penetration into the country.

GUCOS and GURVO updated reporting procedures and debriefed personnel.

I have not thought of this incident in many, many years.

I wish I could go to the Kremlin today and look up the documents.

But I am retired, and I cannot have access.

Please make your American friends know the truth.

The CIA was wrong, their spies lied.

But what worries me is that the CIA had spies within our Soviet military that we never caught.

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