B-29 & Crew See UFO

B-29 & Crew See UFO

Date Reported: January 12, 1950

Location: Gulf Of Mexico

A B-29 aircraft was flying over the Gulf on a course of 260° when 3 objects were noted on the radar scope orbiting the B-29 from all quadrants.

The objects were noticed by the Radar Operator, Aircraft Commander, Navigator, and Bombardier.

One object was first sighted on a bearing of 330° traveling South.

The objects traveled across the scope in approximately 15 to 20 seconds on the 100 mile range setting.

In a few minutes, this object was joined by 2 others, which disappeared in a few minutes.

At short ranges, the object was large and well defined on the radar scope.

The object would go off for about 100 miles, turn and come in as if for an attack, pass through the center of the scope and emerge on the other side.

The estimated speed of the object was between 2,500 to 3,000 mph.

The one object remained on the radar scope for approximately 30 minutes, following the B-29 all the time.

The radar operator switched ranges on the scope and picked up the object on the 20 and 50 mile settings.

Twice the object came to within 20 miles of the aircraft and then apparently had the ability to hover, for the movement on the radar scope would cease for 5 to 15 seconds.

After altering the course the object no longer appeared, but the radar was jammed for approximately 10 minutes.

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