Denver Fireball

Denver Fireball

Date: November 1, 1954

Location: Denver, CO

I was approximately 12 years old when I saw this UFO. I haven't told a lot of people about it. I thought because I was so young at the time that no one would have believed me.

Anyway, we lived in a hotel in downtown Denver. I had stayed over at at friends house and had ate supper with his family. When I headed for home I had to walk past the City and County Building. It looked like it was going to snow, the clouds were real thick and hanging low.

As I walked across a the light by the City and County Building out of the clouds came a fireball shaped like a basketball. It appeared for several seconds and then went back into the clouds.

I thought it was so odd because it was so cloudy. I don't know if anyone else had seen this to this date.

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