Stories/Sightings From scotland

Stories/Sightings From scotland

Edinburgh - 3 Glasgow - 2 Moray - 1 Nation Wide - 10

Edinburgh - 3 Entries

Creature (Mermaid?) Spotted near Corphine

Edinburgh Close Encounter

Edinburgh Encounter


Glasgow - 2 Entries

Airliner Had Narrow Miss With UFO

Glasgow Alien Encounter


Moray - 1 Entries

Portgordon Mermaid Sighting


Nation Wide - 10 Entries

Abduction in Colonsay Island

Grangemouth Electric UFO Photograph

Loch Ness MIB

Mermaid off of Isle of Yell

Mermaid Off the West Coast of Scotland

Mermaid Sighting Near Sandside

Scotland Has Many Mermaids

Triangle Craft at Distance

Triangle in Scotland

Unusual Object Over Ljubljana

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