Pilot Sightings

Pilot Sightings

This will be our listing of pilot sightings, whether military, public airlines or private pilots.

7 Pilots Observe Huge Object

Aer Lingus Jet Damaged By UFO

AER Lingus Pilot Describes Strange Object?

Air Force Light Plane Encounters Object

Air Force Jets Pursue Lights Over Small Texas Community

Air Force Plane Encounters UFO

Airline Pilot Sees Object Over Lake Michigan

Australian Navy Pilot Sees Flying Saucers on Radar Screen

B-52 Bomber Observes UFO

Bomber Paced By UFO

Bombers Encounter UFO Over Utah

Brazilian Air Force Pilot Checks Out UFO

Charter Jet Encounters UFO

Chinese Jet Fighter Pursues A UFO

Commercial Plane Follows UFO

Fighter Pilots Amazing Encounters

Fighter Planes Disappear After Close Encounter

Finnish Pilots Observe 7 Objects

Former Yugoslavian Army Fighter Pilots Amazing Alien Craft Encounters

Hungarion Pilot Films Disk

Lock-On Over Long Island

Multiple Commercial Pilots See Same Thing

Navy Fighter Jets Reported That Objects Had Blown Their Doors Off

Navy Pilots Witness Disk Over Pensacola, Florida

Navy Planes And Ships Track UFO Near Kodiak Alaska

North Island UFO Sighting

Object Moves Around Plane

Plane Encounters UFO

Planes Chased By Elliptical Luminous Object

Two Commercial Pilots Had A Close Encounter With A Possible UFO Over Arizona

UFO Crosses Planes Path

UFO On Collision Course With Private Plane

United Airlines Flight 105 Pilots Witness UFO Formation

Pilot Andrew Danziger Sighting

Pilot & Co-pilot Spotted Mysterious Orange/Red Glow

Pilot Encounters 6 Alien Craft

Pilot Encountered An Enormous Cone Shaped UFO

Pilot Fires On UFO In Only Documented Case

Pilot Sighting Of Glowing Orange Sphere

Pilot Sighting Over Korea

Pilot Sighting Over Korea #2

Pilot Spooked By UFO

Pilots Saw Bright Lights Streaking Across The Sky

Pilot Spooked By UFO

Pilot Spots 6 UFOs

Pilots Alien Craft Film Confiscated By USAF

Pilots Forced To Abandon Mission

Pilots Observe Disk Over Arkansas

Pilots Saw Bright Lights Streaking Across The Sky

Plane Encounters UFO

Private Pilot & Wife See UFO

Professional Airline Pilots Sighting UFO Over Germany

Retired Naval Pilot Describes UFO Sighting

Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Encounter UFO

Saturn Shaped Object Observed, Object Confirmed By Pilot

Six UFOs Seen By WWII Pilot

Soviet Supersonic Bomber Disappeared Without A Trace

Strange Object Above Bomber

Student Pilot & Instructor Encounter UFO

Student Pilot And Instructor Spot UFO

Veteran Pilot Encounters UFO With Portholes

Washington, D.C. Jet Chase

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