Stories/Sightings From New Zealand

Stories/Sightings From New Zealand

North Island - 5 South Island - 5 Nation Wide - 5

North Island5 Entries

Alec Newald Abduction

Big Blue Light

Huge Electric Green lLght Bulb

Object Hung Silently Above Our Town For Almost 3 Hours

Woman Recounts Her Abduction At Age 12


South Island5 Entries

Airplane Encounter

Alien Implants - Woman Claims Dental Implant Sending Signals to Aliens

Bright Light Conceals UFO

Kaikoura Lights

Moreland Encounter


Nation Wide - 5 Entries

Could it Have Been a UFO?

Gisborne Close Encounter

Multi Colored UFO Paces Family in Temuka, New Zealand

Not Quite a UFO

What Kiwis See in the Skies

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