Completely Uncategorized Odds & Ends

Alabama Tin Foil Alien

American Officer Keeps Silent

Battle Of L.A.

Camp Century

Chair Of Death

Corpse Candles

Delphos Ground Trace

Devil's Sea

Flannan Isles Disappearances

Great Attractor

Green Flash

Human Mutilation Factor

Incredible Fairy Dance, or UFO Sighting

Holloman Film

Lead Masks Case

Mary Celeste

Monster Of Peter Bottom Cave

Mothman Legend

Mystery Of The Betz Sphere

Mystery Radar Blips

Operation Saucer - The Brazilian Roswell

Our Hollow Moon

Phoenix Lights

Portal or Wormhole Observed

Radar Blips Observed Many Times

Remedios Winged Humanoid Sighting

Trans-en-Provence Case

What is it? A UFO?

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