Women in Black

Women in Black

Date: Unknown

Location: Unknown

This is one example of the typical Men in Black encounters that have been reported by so many, but, there are also Women in Black Encounters as well.

How many are experiencing the Women in Black?

I had been having extraterrestrial experiences once again following a quiet time of approximately 2 years.

One, in particular, involved an extraterrestrial in my home and a possible abduction.

I was questioning and thinking about some new concepts and I feel this may have triggered a visit early on that Sunday morning.

The event I explain next also occurred several years ago.

We were all in bed sleeping.

My daughter loves to sleep in the living room on weekends where she can watch TV on the large screen.

She was there this particular morning when the doorbell rang.

She knows not to answer the door to strangers and she could see an odd looking woman in our monitor with black hair, straight bangs and large black eyes, with a shorter, twin version standing next to her, just barely visible in the lower corner of the screen.

We did not have a video recorder set up yet.

My daughter called out to me through the bedroom door and by that time the doorbell was ringing over and over again.

I was startled awake as I sleep heavier in the morning than during the night.

I jumped out of bed and ran through to the front door.

I looked at the monitor and saw a woman with shiny black hair that was cut in a straight bob with bangs.

I also saw the same version only shorter, standing next to her, like a mini me.

They were wearing beige blouses with jumper style dresses that were not quite black and loose from the shoulder straps down.

I could not see their feet or arms clearly.

The tall one was carrying something like a business folder under her left arm.

I looked away from the monitor down to the door handle and opened the door.

I just caught the figures of these women as they disappeared by fading away while still in the parking area in front of my home.

There was nowhere for them to go by running or walking without being seen, and I am positive I watched them turn from solid figures, to transparent, to just plain gone in a 2 second time frame.

What did they want with me?

I have no idea, but they wanted me to see them, obviously.

Were they sending me a message or warning because of the recent events in my life?

I donít know as I never received a message from these women.

I contacted a very good artist friend of mine to have a portrait painted of them right away so I would have a forensic view of these individuals before they faded from my memory.

Soon after this encounter, I discovered other people have had experiences with these Women in Black.

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