Listing of Informational Items, Tough To Catalog

Listing of Informational Items, Tough To Catalog

300 Witnesses Stunned

1766 Log Cabin

Analysis Of Fireball Over Washington & British Columbia

Area 51

Artifact Found After Encounter

Ben Rich - Deathbed Confession

Blackbird Of Chernobyl

Blowing Cave Mystery

Bluegrass Triangle

Blue Skinned Aliens

Boeing 727-223 Disappearance

Bomb Bats

Bonnybridge's Alien Mystery

Bottle Hollow

Boyd Bushman - Deathbed Confession

Bradshaw Ranch

British MoD Condign Report

Brown Mountain Unsolved Disappearances

Bruce Gernon Flies Into...Something

Budd Hopkins Personal Encounter, And More

Burnt By A UFO Laser Beam

Camp Hood UFO Visitations

Car Side Swiped By Invisible Something

Chase Vault

Chengdu Incident

Choctaw Medicine Man Billy Washington

CIA's Role In The Study Of UFOs, 1947 - 1990

Clapham Woods

Commander Bodler's Wheels Of Light

Cordell Hull Saw Aliens In Glass Containers

Corpse Candles

Cotton Plants Appearing Scalded

Countless Things In The Sky

Cylindrical UFO

Dan Burisch's Story

Death Bed Confession

Death Lights Of Crusheen


Devil's Sea

Devil's Tramping Ground

Dickson Bridge

Disappearance Of The UK's Most Spectacular UFO Photo

Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Scale of UFO Classification

Dr. J. Allen Hynek - A Brief Biography

Dorothy Mae Kilgallen

Dr. Karla Turner About Alien Abductions

Dulce Base

Dyatlov Pass

Easter Island

Earth's 37th Parallel

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eisenhower's Vacation Secrets ( He Sold Us Out )

Extraterrestrial Exposure Law

Evil Assailant

Ex-CIA Agent Claimed That Aliens Kidnap More Than One Million People Every Year

Falkirk Triangle

Father Of The Alien Abduction Movement

FBI Memo

Gemini 4/McDivitt Sighting - Gemini IV UFO

Ghosts In Popular Folklore

Gabriel's Disappearance

Glastenbury Mountain

Greada Treaty

Great Isaac Cay Lighthouse

Green Children Of Woolpit

Glowing Object Crosses Over Road

Howard Menger & Connie Baxter Weber

I Have A Year Of Missing Time

I Saw Structures On The Moon

I Saw 'Something' Too, The Brooksville Morning Sky, Did Anyone Else See It?

I Think It Was A Dream

Ignat Buhushun's Missing Time

In Our Defense

In Perspective

Iraq Stargate

It Wasn't A Cyst

Jesse Marcels' Deathbed Confession

John Lear's Disclosure Briefing

Jordanow Mystery

KIC 8462852

Leah Haley Abduction - Fact Or Fantasy?

Legend Of The Mothman

Legend Of The Seven Time Travelers

Luis Elizondo Insists That UFOs Aren"t Ours, Theirs, Or Alien

Maier Sisters

Majestic 12 Revisited

Marley Woods

Member Of 1946 Elite Secret Military Crash Team Describes UFO Searches

Mexican Newspaper Report

Missing Time In British Columbia

Mount Shasta

Mystery Of The Betz Sphere

Mystery Radar Blips

Mysterious Radio Signal

Nikola Tesla

Orbs Of Moving Lights

Omnec Onec

Our Hollow Moon

Owl Man

Pasacagoula Abduction Interview

Philadelphia Experiment

Pilot Experiences Time Travel

Portal In Sky

Prince Philip, The Mysterious Mr. Janus, The Royals & UFOs

Project Riese (Giant)

Reagan Briefing

Report On Near Miss With UFO

Revolutionizing UFOlogy

Romblon Triangle

Roswell Deathbed Confession by Walter Haut

Safety Officer At Chernobyl Tells Tale Of Creature In Reactor

Secret Mars Colony

Shapes Of UFOs

Side Effects Experience

Skeleton Lake

Sky High

Spontaneous Human Combustion

SS Baychimo - Ghost Ship

SS Ourang Medan - Ghost Ship

Strange Sightings In Baie des Anges

Striking Of The HMAS Hobart

Sunspot Solar Observatory

Technology Far In Advance Of Anything We Have

Telepathic Thought Implantation

The Oz Factor

There Was Something About The Reptilian Ones

Truman's Secret Crash Site Debriefing

Trumpet Sounds From The Sky

Tulli Papyrus

Tunguska Event

UFO & Sightings Quotes

UFO Files: Countries & Companies Releasing Information & Documents

UFO Investigator Surprised By Recent Disclosures

UFOs Deactivated Nukes

Unsolved Mystery From 1034

Valiant Thor

Vallee Classification System

Vile Vortices Around The World

We Are Being Bull Shitted To

What Jimmy Carter Really Thought About UFOs

While Recording A Paranormal Podcast

Winston Churchill Bans UFO Reports

Woman Experienced An Altered State

Woman Tells Of Her Life Plagued By UFO Abductions

Yellow Book

Zone Of Silence

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