Date: 1940s To Present

Location: Globally

A hum is a collection of phenomena, consisting of a persistent and invasive low frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise that is not audible to all people, only 2% to 11% of the general population can hear the Taos Hum, and only 2% hear the Bristol Hum.

Hums have been widely reported in the United Kingdom, Canada & The United States.

Hums are referred to locally, such as:

Bondi Hum, Bristol Hum, & The Taos Hum.

There are 12 major Hums on the planet.

For those who can hear the Hum it can be a very disturbing phenomenon and it has been linked to at least 3 suicides in the United Kingdom.

And those that can't hear it challenge its existence with skepticism.

It is said to sound something like the drone of a distant and idling diesel engine.

While the Hueytown Hum sounds more like a dentists drill.

Explanations for the hum vary, from colliding ocean waves to mechanical devices, and 2 others, both pertaining to the human ear.

One suggests our ears create their own sounds for some unknown reason, the other is a medical condition.

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