Stories/Sightings From Germany

Stories/Sightings From Germany

Baden-Württemberg - 7 Bavaria - 7 Berlin - 2 Hamburg - 0 Hesse - 2 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - 1 North Rhine-Westphalia - 2 Rhineland-Palatinate - 5 Saxony - 5 Schleswig-Holstein - 2 Country Wide - 8

Baden-Württemberg - 8 Entries

Entity Sighting in Germany

Freiburg UFO Crash

Langenschemmern Sighting

Observed A Pure White Ball

Rhein-Main Air Base UFO Sightings

Strange Pulsating Light

While Walking Home


Bavaria - 7 Entries

Bright Ball Of Light Traveling Straight Up

During A Training Excerise

UFO Battle Over Nuremberg

It's Not The Only Time

Triangle Sighting in Germany

Unknown Object over Wurzburg

Witnessing A Metal Disk


Berlin - 3 Entries

Brandenburg Sighting

Professional Airline Pilots Sighting UFO Over Germany


Hamburg - 0 Entries


Hesse - 2 Entries

Disk Shaped UFO Seen in Messel

UFO Seen With Contact & Near Abduction

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - 1 Entries

Greifswald Lights


North Rhine-Westphalia - 2 Entries

Light Traveling At A High Rate Of Speed

Lintel Lake Incident


Rhineland-Palatinate - 5 Entries

Beam Of Light Moved Quick And Low

Circular Object Noted

Hasselbach UFO

Saucer With Lights

Some Type Of Craft Over Germany


Saxony - 5 Entries

Another UFO Encounter in Germany

Immaculate Seen Near Leipzig

Close Encounter Near Leipzig

Large UFO With Smaller Objects

UFO in a Street


Schleswig-Holstein - 2 Entries

Heligoland Germany Crash

Silent Hovering Craft


Country Wide - 8 Entries

Jordanow Mystery

Large Man Like Figure

Mysterious UFOs Seen By WWII Airman Still Unexplained

Nazi Bell, A Time Machine?

Railbach Encounter

Stralsund Sighting

Strong Radar Return On Airborne F-86D

Unknown Object over Wurzburg

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