Egg Shaped Objects Observed

Egg Shaped Objects Observed

Date: October 30, 1948

Location: Grays Harbor/Pacific Beach, WA

While flying in an F-82 fighter headed N at 8,000' at 240 mph on a GCI intercept mission initially directed by the ADC radar site 634th Aicraft Control Sq., Neah Bay, WA., 505th AC&W Group, Everett, WA. radar observer AF 2nd Lt. Robert L. Kunzman, 318th All Weather Fighter Sq, 325th Fighter Group, McChord AFB, WA., saw as he headed toward an interception point, a single compact group of yellow objects in the WNW at 10 o’clock position which burst into an in line formation of about 10 to 20 or maybe 25 white egg shaped objects that crossed over in front of aircraft to 1 o’clock, in the NNE, heading W to E still in line formation at about 8,000' heading S and dropping back to 3 o'clock position in the E, which he first thought might be seagulls.

Objects maintained same altitude and horizontal flight throughout, then doubled back heading N paralleling the F-82’s course while moving back up to 2:30 o’clock position at high speed, turning translucent part of the time just before disappearing by fading out or dissolving without going far enough to have vanished due to distance, some fog with visibility 5 miles may account for disappearance.

If at 5 miles objects covered 15° from 3:00 o’clock position to 2:30 o’clock position in possibly 5 to 10 secondss, time assumed not reported, then relative velocity was possibly 500 to 1,000 mph greater than F-82’s 240 mph.

He called attention of the pilot Maj. Homer William Morris who missed seeing the objects.

Ground radar lost object at this same time.

AFOSI interviewed radar controllers at 635th AC&W Sq at Pacific Beach, who tracked no unidentified objects at high rate of speed, leaving unstated what about the unidentified objects at moderate speed, but did not interview at 634th AC&W Sq at Neah Bay which did the tracking.

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