Military Base Events - Foreign & Domestic - Planes & Ships Included

Military Base Events - Foreign & Domestic - Planes & Ships Included

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A - 4 Entries  B - 5 Entries  C - 4 Entries  D - 2 Entries

E - 7 Entries  F - 5 Entries  G - 3 Entries  H - 5 Entries

I - 0 Entries  J - 0 Entries  K - 5 Entries  L - 6 Entries

M - 6 Entries  N - 2 Entries  O - 4 Entries  P - 1 Entries

Q - 0 Entries  R - 2 Entries  S - 1 Entries  T - 1 Entries

U - 8 Entries  V - 0 Entries  W - 8 Entries  X - 0 Entries

Y - 2 Entries  Z - 0 Entries  Ships At Sea - 12 Entries

A - 4 Entries

Additional Information

Alsworth AFB Encounter

Another Possible Abduction?

Area 51


B - 5 Entries

Incident At Fort Benning, GA

Binbrook RAF Incedent

Bizarre UFO Witnessed At RAF Boulmer

RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Strange Stuff At Barksdale AFB


C - 4 Entries

Cannon Air Force Base UFO Incident

Bright Object - Very High Speed

Half Moon Shaped Object Noticed

Saw UFO When In Vietnam, No Doubt About It


D - 2 Entries

Destacamento Naval Argentino Orcadas Sighting



E - 7 Entries

East Mountain Radar Base

Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident

Edwards Air Force Base Visitations

Eglin Air Force Base Sighting

NAVFAC Eleuthera AAFB Sighting

Ellsworth AFB Case

Ellsworth UFO Case


F - 5 Entries

Alien Craft Encounter Over Ft. Monmouth, NJ

Army Air Force Captain Watches Wingless Craft

Large Sphere With Blue Tail At 500'

Francis E Warren AFB Visitation

Soldier Reports 1990 Alien Encounter At Fort Rucker


G - 4 Entries

Round Silver Object Maneuvers Over Base

Gordon Cooper Witnesses UFO Landing

Security Guards Report Oval Object

Light Followed A Landing Aircraft


H - 5 Entries

Camp Hood UFO Visitations

Eisenhower's Close Encounter At Holloman AFB

Haneda Air Force Base Incident

Holloman Film

I Wasn't Supposed To See What I Saw


I - 0 Entries

No Entries


J - 0 Entries

No Entries


K - 5 Entries

Atomic Test Group Witnesses UFO In Broad Daylight

Kirtland AFB Encounter

Object Zig Zags Over Base

Polished Aluminum Sphere Observed

While Waiting On Orders For Vietnam


L - 5 Entries

UFO &Alien Sighting

Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incident

Oblong Object Hovers Over Runway

Technician Watches UFO Near Larson AFB

Loring AFB Nuclear Weapons Storage Intrusion


M - 6 Entries

Grey Alien Shot And Killed At USAF Base - McGuire AFB

Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident

7 Pilots Observe Huge Object

McChord Mid Air Crash

McChord UFO Incident

UFOs Over Minot Air Force Base


N - 2 Entries

It Didn't Match Anything In The Air Force's Aircraft Inventory

Objects Maneuver Over New Mexico Bases


O - 4 Entries

Objects Maneuver Near Launch Facilities

Offutt AFB Sighting

Ota Air Base UFO Incident

Otis AFB F-94C Disappearance


P - 1 Entries

While On Perimeter Guard Duty


Q - 0 Entries

No Entries


R - 2 Entries

Eight Witnesses Watch Cigar Vanish


S - 1 Entries

Light Traveling At A High Rate Of Speed


T - 0 Entries

No Entries


U - 1 Entries

Multiple Lights, In Formation


V - 1 Entries

UFO Shoots Missile Launched From Vandenberg AFB


W - 8 Entries

5 To 7 Silver Grey Round Objects Fly Over Base

Naval Research Lab Rocket Scientists See Silver Disk

Warren Air Force Base Incident

Sighting 2 Hours Before National Alert

White Sands Radar Visual

Whiteman Air Force Base Incident

Wright Field Filming

Wurtsmith AFB Sighting


X - 0 Entries

No Entries


Y -2 Entries

UFO Seen Over NCO Club

Buzzed By A White Light


Z - 0 Entries

No Entries


Ships At Sea - 12 Entries

Serving Aboard The U.S.S. Mount Whitney

UFO Had Capabilities Way Beyond Anthing We Have

U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln UFO Encounter

U.S.S. Edisto (AGB-2)

U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt

UFO Hovers Over The U.S.S. John F. Kennedy

Underwater Light Outruns Navy Ship

U.S.S. Kilauea USO Sighting

U.S.S. Midway USO Encounter

U.S.S. Philippine Sea

U.S.S. Tuscaloosa (LST-1187) Encounters UFO At Sea

While In The Navy...

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