Date: September - 1995

Location: Southeast Wisconsin

One evening in September, 1995 while waiting for my husband to come home after running a few small errands. I dozed off on the sofa, wearing little more than a t-shirt and some bottoms. I woke up to a very strange sensation of something shaking me, trying to get me up....the physical shake was very real, but my son was in the other room playing video games.

I was being told to get up, get dressed and get ready. I did get dressed and within minutes looked out to see 2 police cars on the street, there were no sirens or lights. The doorbell rang ,there were 2 uniformed officers at the door telling me my husband had been killed in an automobile accident.

I've always wondered what it was that woke me, the shaking of my shoulder was very real, the sensation of something telling me to get up and get dressed was there, but not vocally. As sad as it was, it was just the beginning of a whole set of circumstances of everyone I needed being there when I needed them.


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