Stories/Sightings From The United Kingdom

Stories/Sightings From The United Kingdom

England - 170 Northern Ireland - 1 Scotland - 13 Wales - 29


England - 170 Entries

2 Men In Gray

3 Lights Moved Horizontal

3 Silver Spheres

5 Naked Men Dancing

1994 Pennine Hills Missing Time Incident

A Sighting in the Hills

A Sighting In Parkstone

Abducted While Hanging Out Washing

Abduction Of Jason Andrews

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Albert Burtoo Abduction

Alien Implants - Scientific Analysis of an Alien Implant

Alien Killed With a Coal Shovel

An Airship Spotted Over Hull in 1909 & 1934

An Event On The A-338

Anne Henson UFO Sighting & MIB

Aveley Abduction

Awoken By A Glowing Green Figure

Bagshot Heath Encounter

BBQ Abductions

Binbrook RAF Incident

Bizarre UFO witnessed At RAF Boulmer

Black Beast Encounted Near Gresford

Black Beast Seen

Black Eyed Child Sightings On Cannock Chase

Black Triangular Shaped Craft Over Manchester

Bonsall UFO

Bowles & Pratt Encounter

Bright Amber/Orange Spherical Light Moving Erratically At Night

Bright Light Changes To 2 Lights

Bright Oval Shaped Object

British Flight Officer Encounters Object

Burnt By A UFO Laser Beam

Chair Of Death

Channel Islands UFO

Chard Town Event

Chevron Group Of UFOs

Circular White Object Seen

Close Encounter Near Leeds

Conisbrough UFOs

Comb Lady

Cosford Incident

Cosford Landing

Devon Flying Cross

Disappearance Of The Stonehenge Hippies

Disappearance Of The UKs Mmost Spectacular UFO Photo

Disk Low Above Houses

Disk Shaped Object That Sped Away

Dome Shaped UFO Over Karslake, Cornwall, England

Early Bournbrook Encounter

Edmund Halley Sees a UFO

Elves in Wiltshire

Encounter at Cold Blow

Encounter at Saltwood

Encounter Under Staffordshire

English Poachers Sent Packing

Experiences Early In Life

Felixstowe Fire Demon

First MIB Report?

First Time It Was A Bright Light

Langenhoe Incident

Formation Of Lights

Glowing Floating Light

Gravesend, Kent Sighting

Grinning Man In Black

Hagley Woods Mystery

Hertfordshire Sighting

High Bentham Incident

Huge Glass Sphere

Huge Ring Of Red & Green Lights

Humanoid Hide and Seek

I Have Remembered This Sighting

I Saw A Huge Cigar Shaped Object

Inverted Orange Triangle

Inverted Trapezoid

Isle of Wight Encounter

It Was No Plane We Saw

Jane Murphys Alien Abduction And Seduction

John Mann Family Abduction

Lakenheath/Bentwaters Incident

Langenhoe Incident

Large Round Brilliant Object

Leicester Close Encounter

Light That Shone Through The Window

Lights Flying Low Across Road

Little Creatures Spotted

Little People in St. Teath

London Sighting

Longbridge MIB Encounter

Lynda Jones Abduction In Didsbury

Man Sees UFO With Entities

Marconi Alien Intrusions

Mating The Woman From Venus

Matlock Triangle

Milakovic Encounter

Montford Bridge UFO Incident on the A5

More Strange Lights In The Sky

Mother & Daughter Abducted While Walking To Work

Mrs. Hollins UFO/MIB Encounter

Multiple Black Disks Observed

My Son Possessed

Mysterious Object Spotted Over Hull In 1801

Neston Sighting

Night of the Living Dolls

No Fading Of Lights

North Reddish Sighting

Norwich UFO

Object Just Hovered Very Close To Me

Object Was A Bright Light

Orange Fireballs Observed

Paralysed In Awe Over UFO

Peakland Spooklights

Possible USO Sighting Near River Seavern

Prescot Couple See UFO


RAF Bentwaters UFO Encounter

Reigate UFO Sighting

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

Report on Near Miss With UFO

Reported in a London Paper

Royal Auxiliary Air Force UFOs

Rudloe Manor Crash

Saucer Shaped UFO

Saw A Bright Yellow Fireball

Secret Files

Shirley Greenfield Encounter

Sighted Three Objects

Sighting in Bolton

Sighting in County Durham

Sighting in Reading

Silver Cylinder Hovering

Single Bright Cone Shaped Beam Of Light

Small UFO Seen Outside Window

Soldier Spots 13 UFOs Above Barracks

Somers Road Sighting

Southampton UFO Sighting

Space Baby

St. Albans Spook Light

Stockton On Tees Sighting

Stoke-on-Trent UFO

Stonehenge & UFOs

Student Spots UFO

Suzanne Brown

They Scared Him

Toddler Speaks Of Space Men & Space Craft

Tony Dodd Sighting

Torquay Sightings

Truth About UFOs

Two Disks Over Royal Air Force Base In England

UFO Baffles Aviation Experts

UFO Captured in Photograph

UFO Clusters

UFO Had Near Miss With Boeing 737

UFO Melts Hole In Railway Sleeper In Cheshire

UFO Observed Over Road

UFO Witnessed By Astronomer

UFOs Over Louis Mountbatten's Land

UFOs Reported Over Merseyside, England

UFO Spotted By Police On East Coast of Britiain

UFO Was Not Of This World

UFO With Occupants

UK School Teacher Observes UFO

Very Large Saucer Shaped Object Seen In Field

Wardle Incident

What Would This Be?

Whatever It Was, It Terrified Me

Were These The Same Sightings?

Winchester Woman

Winston Churchill Bans UFO Reports

Winter Hill MIB Case

Woman Experienced an Altered State

WW2 Saucer

Zigmund Adamski


Northern Ireland - 1 Entries

Black Eyed Kids in Northern Ireland


Scotland - 13 Entries

1996 Fife Incident

A70 Abductions

Airbus Narrowly Avoids Collision with UFO

Black Eyed Kids at the Window

Calvine/Pitlochry UFO

Falkirk Triangle

Flannan Isles Disappearances

Loch Ness MIB

Memory Robbed

Pilot Encounters 6 Alien Craft

Robert Taylor Abduction

Sharing Unusual Photograph

Spheres Within Spheres


Wales - 29 Entries

20' Diameter Disk Observed

1977 Broad Haven Class Said They Saw A UFO

Abduction with Missing Time in Wales

Air Shows & UFOs

Barmouth USO

Broad Haven Triangle

Caerau Woods

Cigar Shaped Craft With Portholes

Corpse Candles

Dyfed Sighting

Caerphilly Mountain Sighting

Enormous Daytime UFO Above Milford Haven

Egryn Lights

Holyhead Peibio, Anglesey Sighting

Incredible Fairy Dance, Or UFO Sighting

Large Round Saucer

Mary Jones

More Corpse Candle Tales

Mysterious Object Filmed Over Bristol Channel

Object Seen Over Wales

Road Trip Home

Silver Circular Craft Above Hay Field

Strange Blue Light Over Wales

Two Sightings In Wales

UFO Crash in Llandrillo

UFO Not Visible To Naked Eye

Welsh Roswell Incident

Welsh UFO Wave

Woman Tells of Her Life Plagued by UFO Abductions

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