Cleveland Lights

Cleveland Lights

Date: February 28, 1996

Location: Cleveland, OH

In 1995, Cleveland Air Traffic Control received reports from 2 airline pilots from Air Shuttle Flight 5959 and Mesaba Airlines Flight 3179 about a mysterious light spotted by both crews over Lake Erie.

Cleveland Control: Air Shuttle 5959, is that traffic there that you saw earlier? Do you see him out there any longer?

Air Shuttle 5959: Air Shuttle 5959, that’s affirmative, and it’s a light that kind of, it goes dim, and it gets bright. I don’t know if we’re getting closer to it or what? But it looks like a rotating light around it, like a Frisbee type thing that’s going around it.

Unknown voice: UFO.

Cleveland Control: Cleveland Control: Mesaba 3179, do you see the same thing?

Mesaba 3179: Ah sir, I saw it coming out of Detroit, and I wondered, all I saw was just a couple really bright flashes of light and it almost looked like lightning and it caught my eye. And then I kept watching it and then it looked a little bit less bright. But it looked like it was underneath the cloud deck to me. And this was just as we were coming out of Detroit.

The Mesaba pilot even tried to communicate with the object by blinking the lights of his aircraft, but there was no response. Cleveland Control could not detect anything on radar and suggested that the pilots might be seeing the reflection of a beacon. The pilots responded that the light appeared to be pulsing at 10,000' and that it wasn’t a beacon but was definitely weird.

Cleveland expressed an interest in getting a picture of the phenomenon, and the Mesaba pilot delivered:

Mesaba 3179: I just want you to know that I took a picture, as captain on the left side. I also took *unrecognizable wording* of some of the stars above, so the lowest light on those pictures. The only single light at the bottom of the picture should be what you’re looking at. And you might be able to get a position with the sky if you want to go that far.

Cleveland Control: Ok, great. That’s a good idea, I appreciate that.

Mesaba 3179: It was an instamatic camera. Good night sir.

Cleveland Control:: Good night.

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