1947: Year Of The Alien Wave

1947: Year Of The Alien Wave

Date: 1947

1947 is known as the year of the first wave of modern flying saucer sightings.

A study of U.S. newspapers that year documents over 832 sightings in the United States just in the 30 days between June 15, 1947 and July 15, 1947.

For the entire year there were over 1,500 reports.

Included is a CIA report tracking saucer sightings in 1947.

This report was secret and withheld from the public for decades.

This is the first key flying saucer case of modern times.

As you can see from varied sections, Ancient Alien Sightings, & Aliens in Ancient Art, reports of flying objects are certainly not unique to our century.

However, this is the case that caught the attention of the media and reinformed the contemporary world that flying saucers existed.

Kenneth Arnold was a private pilot and a businessman.

He was also a member of the Idaho Search & Rescue Mercy Flyers and a Federal Deputy Marshall.

On June 24, 1947 Arnold joined in a search mission to find a Marine Curtis C-46 transport plane that was believed to have crashed in the Cascade Mountains.

While flying at about 9,000' at 2:00 p.m., Arnold saw 9 silver disks moving in formation directly across his flight path.

He estimated them to be about 25 miles away.

Since they were unusual, to say the least, Arnold decided to time them to estimate their speed.

He checked his watch as they passed Mt. Ranier and again when they passed Mt. Adams.

It took them 1 minute and 42 seconds.

After landing and checking the distance between the 2 peaks, Arnold realized the disks had been traveling over 1,700 mph.

This was twice the speed of sound, and the world airspeed record in 1947 was only about 650 mph.

They flew like a saucer.

Not only Arnold, but people flying in a nearby Douglas DC-4 also saw the flying disks.

In addition, disks were seen by hundreds of people on the ground.

The disks made no sound.

They were completely silent.

In an interview with The East Oregonian newspaper, Arnold said:

They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water.

When the Associated Press picked up the story, they called the disks saucer like objects.

From this, the term Flying Saucer was officially made an integral part of the human language.

Other 1947 Sightings:

June 14, 1947:

Richard Rankin saw a triangular formation of 10 disks over Bakersfield, California while flying from Chicago to Los Angeles.

He estimated their speed at 600 mph.

June 21, 1947:

Residents in Spokane, Washington saw 8 disks flying at an estimated speed of 600 mph at 11:00 a.m.

June 21, 1947:

A salesman driving through Yukon, OK saw 6 disks flying in formation at an incredible rate of speed.

June 24, 1947:

3 disks were seen above Richmond, WA.

They were wobbling as they zipped across the sky.

This is the same day Kenneth Arnold saw his disks.

Arnold also noted that the disks were wobbling.

June 27, 1947:

A woman sees disks wobbling from side to side, fly past the Cascade Mountains at phenomenal speed while in formation.

She was quoted as saying:

They looked like silver plates.

June 28, 1947:

2 pilots from Maxwell Air Base in Alabama, see a bright light traveling at high speed make a 90° turn and disappear.

6 other witnesses, including 2 intelligence officers, see the same thing.

June 28, 1947:

A farmer in Wisconsin by the name of Beuscher sees several silent disks zoom over his farm.

At the same time, reports of flying disks overhead come in from across the state of Illinois.

June 29, 1947:

The driver of the Des Moines/Mason City bus in Iowa sees 5 disks streak across the sky.

Shortly after that sighting, he counts 13 more coming from the opposite direction.

June 29, 1947:

Scientists at White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico spot silvery disks flying across restricted airspace at speeds greater than sound.

In 1947 White Sands was the only nuclear air base in the world.

The appearance of these saucers over this facility generated a flurry of military activity and concern.

June 30, 1947:

Near Williams field in Arizona, a U.S. Navy pilot sees 2 disks appear to land about 20 miles South of the Grand Canyon.

The pilot described them as having inconceivable speed.

June 30, 1947:

Portland, Oregon police officers see 5 shiny chromium hub caps, disappear and reappear while flying by.

The hub caps wobbled from side to side as they flew.

The disks were seen by officer K. McDowell along with 2 other officers and a pilot.

Wobbling from side to side was a commonly observed characteristic of flying saucers in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Since then the aliens apparently have reengineered their craft to reduce this.

They now fly straight, with less wobble, and they are frequently tilted sideways.

July 4, 1947:

Campers at Twin Falls, Snake River Canyon in Idaho see more than 30 disks traveling at a high rate of speed.

United Airlines crew, pilot E.J. Smith, copilot Ralph Stevens and stewardess Martie Morrow see 9 disks while flying over Idaho.

The disks put on a fantastic display.

They perform acrobatics, merge together, then split apart again.

They also disappear and reappear.

On July 4, 1947, that day alone, there were 88 major disk sightings reported by over 400 people across 24 states.

It is estimated at least ten million people saw flying saucers on this day.

July 4, 1947:

The crash at Roswell happens.

Shortly before midnight in an explosive thunderstorm, the now famous flying saucer crash at Roswell, NM occurred.

It is also known as The Crash at Corona because Corona, NM is about 40 miles closer to the crash site than Roswell.

However, the crash debris was taken to Roswell Air Base, hence the name Roswell.

Sightings in Europe:

April 20, 1947:

Citizens in Col de Serres, France report seeing disks flying over the valley.

May 21, 1947:

Slow moving, large cigar shaped objects are seen in Sweden.

June 10, 1947:

Fast moving flying objects are seen in Finland.

July 7, 1947:

In Sussex, England people see disks fly over the coast and out to sea.

Citizens in Naples, Italy report a slow moving, shiny disk overhead.

Astronomers at Del Satto Observatory in Chile spot disks.

Estimated speed of 3,000 mph.

Japan and Holland also report seeing high speed disks on this day.

July 18, 1947:

2 objects are seen diving into Lake Mjosa, Norway.

July 19, 1947:

Several witnesses see an object dive into Lake Kolmjorv, Sweden.

July 23, 1947:

Workers near Pitanga, Brazil witness the landing of a craft.

Three 6' tall beings get out wearing transparent suits emerge from the craft.

August 11, 1947:

In Sweden over 400 people see fast moving disks fly overhead.

August 14, 1947:

In Italy, A citizen, R.L. Johannis, comes across 2 small beings with large heads and large eyes.

September 1, 1947:

In Greece, British army units see mystery projectiles.

September 17, 1947:

In Rix Ledges, New Hampshire, an unknown individual reportedly observed a flying saucer.

This occurred as he/she was half way up Rix Ledges.

The individual claims to have seen the flying saucer while watching the honey bees.

The witness describes the saucer to be as large as a tennis ball and as white as cotton batting.

The object approached rapidly and noiselessly from the East and was followed by another object closely.

The 2nd object appeared in the size and shape of a saucer and maintained a constant angle of inclination to the ball and followed it at a constant distance.

Both objects made an angle of about 5º to the individuals eye.

The objects were in their sight for more than a minute until vision was lost in the glare of the Sun.

October 9, 1947:

Las Vegas, Nevada. Air Force pilots flying over Las Vegas spot a disk traveling at 1,000 mph.

It does a 180° turn at that speed.

Any Earthly airplane trying that maneuver would have self destructed.

Other Key Events In 1947:

There was a huge number of flying saucer sightings worldwide, and witnessed by millions of people.

Almost all the sightings were in broad daylight.

The famous Roswell crash did not happen out of the blue, it was just one of thousands fly overs.

Aliens beam up horses, cows and sheep, mainly at night.

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